Episode Overview

Today we have a really interesting look at ASEAN Fintech scene with Managing Partner of 1982 Ventures, Herston Powers. The only seed fund exclusively focused on fintech and South East Asia. In this candid conversation we talk about:

  • The formation of 1982 Ventures
  • 1982 Ventures investment thesis
  • Specialist funds and the power of going deep into a vertical
  • The growth and opportunity in fintech
  • What are Neobanks
  • Thoughts on banking, payments and e-wallets
  • Upstream capital and the future of Corporate VC in Singapore for fintech

About Herston

Herston is a Managing Partner at 1982 Ventures. He is responsible for setting the strategy and direction of 1982 Ventures. He is active in investments, portfolio management and investor relations.

Prior to founding 1982 Ventures, he was a Principal at tryb Group in Singapore and created and executed their early-stage investment strategy. He led investments into Alami, a leading Indonesian Islamic Finance Platform, Gradana, a pioneer in Proptech in Indonesia and managed the investment into Maria Health, a Philippines-based insurtech. He previously held board observer roles at Alami and Gradana.


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